Househunting in Sacramento is an interesting process. You go and look at a bunch of homes, see one you like, write an offer with the help of a REALTOR, and submit it to the listing agent. By the time you drive home from the agent’s office, the house has already sold to someone else…

Our price range seems to be the one that everyone else is looking at too. It’s hard to tell whether we’ll find the house that is perfect (or even semi-perfect) for us, but we will keep looking!

The Crawdad

Steve G took the dogs out this morning for their walk after breakfast, and when he came back in he said, “Come look at the crawdad!” Thinking he had lost his marbles, I went outside to take a look.

Sure enough, there was a crawfish, about 4 inches long, wandering around the parking lot looking extremely lost. The dogs were sniffing it, and one of the stray cats around the apartment wanted to check it out too, but wouldn’t come near while the dogs were nearby.

I had to run to an appointment, so I pulled out of the parking spot trying hard not to avoid the poor thing. There aren’t any streams or ponds nearby, or else I would have taken it somewhere safe.

When I returned about an hour later, one of our neighbors was washing his car outside our apartment, and he was hitting the crawfish with the water from the hose. When I got out of my car, he asked me what it was. I told him, but I am fairly certain that he still wasn’t too sure that it was an alien creature from another planet. Then he sprayed the hose on it, sending it down the storm drain. Since the storm drain runs into one of the many creeks around the area, hopefully the little guy is now cavorting with some new playmates.

We still have no idea how he ended up in our parking lot.