There’s nothing scarier than to start packing for a move and discover how much crap you actually have. We got six boxes packed yesterday, mostly glass and ceramic pieces that were down in the basement. Some of these are “family” pieces, others are seasonal items that we use once or twice a year. Most of them are now packed up and ready for the move.

The good news is that there are probably six or seven boxes worth of other stuff that is in the garage, waiting for our big garage/moving sale on Saturday. We have committed that anything that doesn’t sell on Saturday will be taken to the Goodwill. We are absolutely not taking this stuff with us to California.

In other news, talking with the parents in California, it looks like they have already chosen our apartment and are prepared to co-sign the lease so that we can get the apartment that they looked at. See, there are two versions of each apartment, the standard and the upgrade. The upgrade has better cabinets and counters in the kitchen, higher-end appliances and light fixtures, etc. Of course, the upgrade also costs more per month. However, the folks looked at one upgrade unit that the company was offering for the standard price, but only if you signed on today. Hmmmm….

Well, I don’t know these people, so I won’t assume that there is something nefarious going on, but it does seem a little coincidental. At any rate, Dad was going over with a bunch of checks to put down the initial deposit and application fees. Yes, they are charging us two application fees because we are two single men. Please.

The good news is that we will have our new address soon, and can start working on setting up utilities and so on. We have reserved the truck/trailer rental for the big move, and we should be arriving in California before the end of the month. California, here we come!


We have sold our house, for a price we can be happy with. That’s the good news. The bad news: we have to vacate the house at closing! That means we have just 4 weeks to pack up and get ready for the move. Holy cow!!!

We have a lead on an apartment in Sacramento that is really close to Mom and Dad W, and it looks like it will be the right thing for us for the short term, until jobs and mortgages and a new house fall into place. We have contacted a mortgage broker who may be able to help us with jobs as well as a loan, so it all looks good!

We have a lot to do, but we’re ready! California, here we come!!!