Rush Around

The latest issue of Newsweek came the other day, and Rush Limbaugh’s picture was on the cover. I’ve never been a fan of Rush’s radio show, but I’m glad that he is finally admitting his problem publicly. But why did it have to take four years? How much money did he make during that time, when he was probably under the influence throughout his rants? He ought to give that money back to the advertisers who bought time on the show, since he was misrepresenting himself during that time. I hope he loses all advertiser support after he comes back from rehab. Why should a phony like that be given a pulpit? And where is Al Franken when we need him???

The best thing to happen to television since color

We’ve been TiVo owners for a little more than a year now. One of the great things about TiVo is the chance to try out new shows. If a show looks interesting, you can TiVo it and watch as much as you want. If you don’t like it, you haven’t invested a lot of energy into recording it. If you do like it, it’s really easy to get a Season Pass to watch more episodes. Last night we watched a new program on the Discovery channel called Mythbusters that is really entertaining. The two hosts, Adam and Jamie, take the lids off urban legends and find out the truth behind them. In the process, they like to blow things up. Loads of fun, and a pretty high gay quotient too.

California’s Recall

Well, the recall election is over. What a strange process and outcome. Ahnuld wins in a “landslide” with no real platform or answer to our economic problems. It was so strange to watch the Republicans bash Gray Davis for turning a surplus into a deficit. They should really be looking at their own glass houses before throwing those stones. President Bush, one of their own, did exactly the same thing, only on a much grander scale. Does that make it more admirable? California at least has laws the prevent the state from amassing too much debt. The federal government can borrow, borrow, borrow forever. Who cares about the national debt?