Going the Extra Mile

Samantha & Sherman both love Greenies. For the past couple years, we have bought them online. We buy an entire year’s worth of treats, because that way we are sure not to run out any time soon. We also get a better deal buying them in bulk, but they’re still quite expensive for what they are. But the dogs love them, and Greenies do help with their breath and the cleanliness of their teeth.

This year, we bought Greenies from Dog.com. Not only do they have free shipping, but they offer discounts when you buy 6 boxes or more. Well, we bought 12 boxes of the regular size for Samantha (30 per box) and 3 boxes of the Teenie Greenies (108 per box) for Sherman. According to the online shopping cart, we got the discount on Samantha’s order, but not on Sherman’s, even though they were together. I didn’t think it was that big a deal – it was only a savings of $2 per box anyway.

Two days later, the big box arrived with the invoice/packing list tucked inside. Someone there had discounted the price of all the boxes, so we saved an extra $6. They didn’t have to do it; nothing on the site would indicate that the discount applied to our particular situation. They did it anyway.

I just wanted to say, “Thanks, Dog.com!”

Greenies Pantry Treat-Pak 30 oz – Dog.com